About the Book

“If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.”
– Woody Allen

When it comes to investing, a little laughter . . .
and a lot of planning . . . can be a very good thing.


The rational investor is one of the cornerstones of basic economic theory. However, in practice, investors are human beings who are often gripped by emotion. Investors are inspired by unlikely dreams and held back by fears that can be disproportionate to the risks they face.

Dollars and Sense: Ten Fundamentals of Financial Success helps today’s investors build financial success and peace of mind—even when faced with irrational markets and emotional headwinds. Filled with personal stories from the life and career experiences of a professional financial advisor, Dollars and Sense describes ten fundamental principles to help investors build and preserve wealth. It offers a detailed and prudent approach to investment planning and financial management rooted in the emotional and financial realities of today.

Today’s markets are volatile and difficult. However, investing on the basis of the market’s recent history—any market’s recent history—is like trying to drive a car while looking in the rearview mirror. It isn’t the road—or the investment—that causes the damage from the crash; it is the way we drive (or the way we invest).

Although we cannot change the markets, we can change how we react to the markets. David Greene points investors toward financial success in Dollars and Sense, a book filled with real-life lessons and practical financial advice to help investors chart a safe course toward a comfortable and prosperous future.



The 10 Fundamentals:

Fundamental #1 Making Money
Fundamental #2: Spending (and Saving) Money
Fundamental #3: It Is Easier to Get There If You Know Where You Are Going
Fundamental #4: What You Keep Is More Important  Than What You Earn
Fundamental #5: Diversify Your Investments
Fundamental #6 What You Buy Matters More Than Who Buys It for You
Fundamental #7: You Are Already Off Course
Fundamental #8: The Source of Information Matters
Fundamental #9: Get Financial Advice from People Whose  Financial Interests Are Aligned with Yours
Fundamental #10: Evaluating Your Investment Manager

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